Founded 1899 in Berlin – High quality capacitors since 120 years


Hydra is one of the most experienced producers of capacitors in the world having been in the buisness for over 100 years . Originally founded in Germany (Berlin) Hydra was teamed with AEG for 60 years before branching out on its own.
Hydra produces more than 20 million capacitors per year with two production facilities. Our Headquarters and 50% of the production is located in the Czech Republic. The other facility is located in Vietnam where Hydra produces for Asian markets and also high volume orders for the European market…

Our Products

DC Link Capacitors

AC/DC power converters (wind, solar, drives)
UPS systems
Active filter

Filter Capacitors

AC/DC power converters
UPS systems
Active filter

Lighting Capacitors

Industrial lighting (HID)
Area lighting
Roadway lighting
Fluorescent lighting

PFC Capacitors

Fixed individual low voltage power factor correction
Low voltage automatic power factor correction cabinets
Low voltage detuned/tuned capacitor banks

Motor Capacitors

Single phase motors for
White goods, pumps
Compressors, fans

Defibrillator Capacitors

External defibrillators in emergency room
Public access defibrillator


The process at Hydra is highly efficient with a totally controlled environment and 100% testing in all steps of production. Therefore, we are confident that only top quality products are delivered from our factories.
In addition to providing our large orders, we here at Hydra can also provide small and mid level orders with high efficiency and cost effective as Hydra production is extremely flexible. Due to our flexibility, we also are able to produce custom made capacitors at no extra cost to our customers.
All Hydra capacitors use metalized polypropylene foil (MKP technology) and are produced in our manufacturing facilities using our own designed machines so nothing is out sourced.
Producing a simple capacitor is easy. But producing top quality capacitors for a reasonable price is the challenge we face every day. With our dedicated and knowledgeable staff we feel we can provide our customers with quality products.

Your benefits

All these mentioned actions and the experience of more than 100 years results in:

  • A durable and reliable product that ensures a low failure rate to our customers and our commitment to providing you with the best quality. So we can proudly say: “Put in a HYDRA capacitor and then forget about it”
  • High flexibility, meeting the exact demands of our customers.
  • In addition to our Headquarters in Europe, Hydra also has a production facility in Asia to meet the requirements of our customers in the Asian market.
  • Short lead times and high customer satisfaction is our commitment to you. This is next to the quality of our capacitors is one of the main advantages of Hydra.
  • Hydra has warehouses in Asia, Europe and the USA to better meet our customer requests.

The participation of Hydra a.s. on the exhibition electronica South China 2023.

PCIM Europe 2022

Our Customers

Hydra Components GmbH

Sales Worldwide
Eichborndamm 175
13403 Berlin | Germany
Tel: +49 30 40804 184
Fax: +49 30 40804 190

Hydra as

Prumyslova 1110
506 01 Jicin | Czech Republic
Tel: +420 493 504 111
Fax: +420 493 525 179

Hydra Vietnam

Hydra Viet Nam
Lot 05B, Dien Ngoc industry zone
Quang Nam | Vietnam
Tel: +420 493 504 111
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