Defibrillator Capacitors

Hydra Defibrillator Capacitors are custom designed for the use in public access or external first responder defibrillators. The capacitors are housed in round metal epoxy-filled cases. We use high quality materials and the production is controlled by our quality management system. This guarantees a reliable and dependable product They are available in voltage range 1500 – 2300VDC and 500 joules charge. We are open to design for you capacitors according to your application requirements.

We here at Hydra produce most of our capacitors to the exact requirements expressed by our customers and due to our flexibility, Hydra can also deliver smaller quantities without additional costs to our customers.

As Hydra produces mostly custom made capacitors, there is no general standard. Nevertheless, you can find our product catalogue with all the information about different types and possible sizes on our product site: